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Architectural prints are an excellent way to showcase the design and layout of a building or structure. They offer many benefits, including:

Accuracy: Architectural prints are highly detailed and accurate, making them an ideal tool for architects, engineers, and builders to communicate their designs to clients and other stakeholders. They provide a clear and precise representation of the building's layout and design, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Aesthetics: Architectural prints are often highly detailed and visually striking. They can be used to showcase the design of a building or structure, highlighting key features and elements. This can be an effective way to market a building or structure to potential buyers or renters.

Education: Architectural prints can be used as educational tools, providing an in-depth look at the design and layout of a building or structure. They can be used in schools and universities to teach architecture, engineering, and other related subjects.

Documentation: Architectural prints are an important tool for documenting the design and layout of a building or structure. They can be used to create a record of the building's design, which can be used for future reference or to make changes to the building.

Durability: Architectural prints are often made on high-quality paper or other durable materials that can withstand handling, making them an ideal tool for use in a construction site or in a design office.

In conclusion, architectural prints are an essential tool for architects, engineers, builders, and other stakeholders in the construction industry. They offer many benefits such as accuracy, aesthetics, education, documentation and durability. They are used to communicate designs, showcase the design of a building or structure, for education and for documentation. The high-quality materials used for architectural prints ensure that they can withstand handling and will last for a long time.


With our Full Color Architectural Printer you no longer need to pay for color you are not using. Simple look at your plans and compare them to the coverage samples below. From there just pick the size of the drawing you want and the coverage area used in the drop down. 

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